Guinness MD calls on government to develop empowering policies for industry

Business News of Monday, 29 August 2016



Francis AgbonlahorFrancis Agbonlahor, speaking at the Economic Forum in Accra

Managing Director of Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL) has called on government to create an enabling environment for businesses to drive economic growth.

Francis Agbonlahor says as a significant contributor to the development and prosperity of a nation, the private sector required the right atmosphere to thrive.

He was speaking at the Ghana Economic Forum held in Accra.

The Ghana Economic Forum is an annual event that brings together industry Chieftains and thought leaders in civil society to discuss and debate key issues affecting the Ghanaian economy and proffer solutions to enhance the achievement of the country’s economic development plans.

This year’s discussion focused on ‘a Ghanaian owned economy’ and as the leader in Ghana’s beverage industry, GGBL contributed its perspective to participants.

“An enabling environment comprises a stable political and economic regime, the right infrastructure such as accessible roads, consistent and reliable supply of utilities and support systems especially for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Also critical as a country is the need to develop the human resource capacity of government and its agencies to equal today’s business demand and challenges”.

He also encouraged government to provide enabling and targeted policy and maintain open dialogue with industry. These, he said, will enhance the growth of the private sector leading to economic prosperity.

In Ghana, GGBL’s local raw material sourcing initiative developed on the back of government policy, has seen the creation of sustainable livelihoods for local farmers and their families, a testament to the difference an empowering government policy can bring to the economy.

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