8 Weird Food Practices In Ghana We Just Can’t Understand

Ghanaians love their food and snack, no doubt about it. They eat anything and won’t waste any. We can combine practically anything and get away with it.

However, there are certain food fetishes and combinations that sometimes amazes you when you come across it. These are things we grew up with and have become accustomed to. There are some also which are done out of sheer ignorance.

Have you seen a Ghanaian taking in a beverage before? We normally break our bread into pieces and drop them in the beverage and then use spoon to scoop it out into our mouths.

This is Ghana and this is how we roll. Below are strange food fetishes and combinations that we love.

1. Energy Drink With Biscuits Or Bread

It’ll surprise you to know that people actually do eat energy drink with bread of biscuit because recent energy drinks are a bit sweet.

image: huffingtonpost.com

Image: HuffingtonPost.com


2. Bread In Beverage

This is an old practice and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This is normally done with Tea, Milo, or even Coffee. While taking the beverage, the bread is broken into pieces and dropped in the drink. Then the spoon is used to scoop the beverage soaked bread into the mouth.

love kenyan tea


3. Drinking Beer/Guinness With Straw

You’ll be amazed to see alcoholic beverages being consumed with straw … yes, straw!


4. Mixing Coca Cola and Fanta With Water

People feel Coca Cola and Fanta are too sweet and and should be mixed, so they mix it water to dilute it or sometimes to make it enough to share among many people.

Image: NdaniTV/YouTube

Image: NdaniTV/YouTube


5. Dipping Bread In Beverage

This is an improvised method to #2. With this, the bread is not dropped in the beverage and scooped with a spoon, rather it is dipped in the beverage and then taken to the mouth where the beverage soaked portion is bitten off and the rest dipped into the drink again. This is continued until both bread and beverage are finished. An old practice that is never going away anytime soon.

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6. Rice With Okro Stew


Image: TheMagicOfLife

Image: TheMagicOfLife


7. Milo And Biscuit

Just like the beverage and bread thing, this is also something that Ghanaians love so much. You prepare a cup of milo and then break your biscuits into it, then scoop it. Allow the biscuit to become very soft after being soaked by the milo and then scoop it into your mouth with your spoon.

love kenyan tea


8. Jollof With Stew

Jollof is basically rice and stew cooked together. People who eat Jollof with stew have trust issues period.

Photo Credit: Tourapex.com

Photo Credit: Tourapex.com


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