10 Ways Government May Have Planned Obinim’s GHS 11.6million Fraud Allegation

A brilliant insights of Fred Yirenkyi Smart on Obinim’s latest trouble seek to suggest that the whole allegation was planned by government to divert attention from the Montie3 brouhaha that had become the talk of Ghana. Of course, the government is well aware that Ghanaians easily forget things and a mere diversion is enough to shut everyone up for the foreseeable future.

Bishop Obinim may be unconventional in his way of doing things, but a lot of things don’t add up.

1. Who bought the GHS 11.6 million worth of gold?

2. Which bank could allow a withdrawal of GHS 11.6 million in cash without questioning the source or purpose of the withdrawal?

3. Where did the bank get the GHS 11.6 million in cash to give to one customer without breaking operations or their balance sheet? (Even Bank of Ghana will not allow that amount of money into the market to cause economic downturn, ie inflation)

4. How was the GHS 11.6 million transported to Obinim?

5. GHS 11.6 million is equivalent to the USD 3 million that was transported in Rambo style by flight to the Black Star players in Brazil. This caused international scrutiny. How come no one heard about this until now?

6. Who in his right senses will carry that amount of money (with its associated risks) to a pastor to exorcise whatever is in the money? Isn’t it wise for the pastor to rather go to where the money is kept to do the so called exorcism?

7. Why has Obinim not been charged yet?

8. What is the police doing about substantiating the claim?

9. Can anyone cook up a story to arrest someone before it is investigated and proven wrong?

10. After everything, Obinim walks home, his accuser is still not known and the Montie 3 are back home. Looks like it worked

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