10 Hilarious Nigerian Ways To Die

Over the weekend, Nigerian twitter users took to the platform to share the easiest ways to die if you were Nigerian with the hashtag #1000NigerianWaysToDie and it was hilarious to look at.

And when you come to think of it, it’s actually true in every sense of the word. Try mentioning any of these things and see if you’ll live to tell the tale. We selected the most hilarious 10 and here they are.

1. When you are actually not mad


2. Famous last words honestly


3. How dare you


4. Because we’re mates now abi?


5. Looking for a quick route to death? This works


6. Word


7. What are you doing?


8. Rest in peace


9. LMAO! How do you even say this confidently?


10. Left hands from anybody = Death sentence


What other Nigerian ways to die do you know? You should also check out these tweets that show what will happen if Nigerians were at Hogwarts.

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