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Entertainment of Sunday, 28 August 2016

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Over the years Ghana air waves has been dominated by foreign music as compared to the songs from the Ghanaian artistes.

Some Ghanaian radio station’s formats don’t allow local music at certain time of the day and others hardly play Ghanaian tunes.

This unfortunate situation leads to the detriment of our local music industry as their songs are not promoted enough to reach the Ghanaian people.

It also gives no room to the up and coming artistes to have their music played and market their brand as the small space left with the domination of the foreign music is taken by the well know artiste and individuals.

To salvage the situation the CEO of GB Interactive Ltd ( www.georgebritton.com) started a “80% GH Music On Our Airwaves” campaign, an initiative meant to get the radio station to play 80% music from Ghanaian musicians.

The talented award winner Guru ,speaking on the issue agrees 100% on the ideas of the campaign.

Speaking on this issue, Guru stated that, it was very important to push the agenda explaining that it will help promote not just the artist but the whole entertainment industry and also attract the needed investments.

“The more we play our songs, the more we promote our artist and their songs to the public.”

This reduces unemployment to an extent since promoters will have no choice than book the Ghanaian artist for shows because their songs are known (hits) and they can entertain the audience when booked as well as their foreign counterparts”

Apart from the business aspect the youth and young once will be well informed rightly with the right local content since they learn from music and musical idols.

We also advice our musician to produce good music to make easy for our disc jockeys to play the music, not because it is the duty but because the music is good.”

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