Reverend Adu-Gyamfi assumes office as AABF President

Amadu Kamil Sanah, GNA

Accra, Aug 28, GNA –
Reverend Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, the Executive President of the Ghana Baptist
Convention, has assumed office as President of the All African Baptist
Fellowship (AABF) with the approval of the AABF General Assembly at a meeting
in Accra.

The AABF is one of
the six regions of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) which unites over 15million
church members from 62 Conventions and Unions in 30 countries in Africa.

It is sub-divided
into North, East, West, Central and Southern Africa and its mission is to
network and partner with cooperating conventions, unions and associations in

The AABF is also to
promote missions and evangelism of Africans, facilitate the establishment of
Baptist churches all over Africa and promote and facilitate the social
well-being of Baptist churches in Africa.

Rev Michael Okwako,
the immediate past President of the AABF and President of the Rwandan Baptist
Convention, advised Rev. Adu-Gyamfi not to be tempted by the privileges of his
new position.

He said there was
the temptation of every leader to focus on the privileges that came with the
position and forget about the challenges but advised Rev. Adu-Gyamfi to
concentrate on solving the problems of the AABF.

Rev Okwako said
though he had not left any physical infrastructural development, he has left a
legacy of good leadership and a united AABF.

Rev Adu-Gyamfi, who
is also the Vice President of the BWA and Chairman of the Christian Council of
Ghana, said it was an honour to be elected to the highest office of the
President of the AABF and promised to promote development and unity.

He said his
experience, expertise and efforts would be put into good use to raise the
status quo of the AABF for other leaders to emulate.

Rev Adu-Gyamfi
thanked the AABF General Assembly for the confidence reposed in him and pledged
to work hard for the fellowship to progress in Africa and beyond.   


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