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Entertainment of Sunday, 28 August 2016



Tolu Bablo NewTolu Bablo

On Sunday August 21st, Tolu Bablo ( @ToluBablo on Twitter), an engineer from Port Harcourt, Nigeria arrived at the Kotoka International Airport to help close out a project in Takoradi.

From the moment he touched down, Tolu has been tweeting his experiences mostly comparing them to conditions in Nigeria.

What makes his account even more interesting is the natural humour his tweets come with.

His tweets have been garnering attention from a lot of people over time. When Covebeat asked Tolu about his motivation to livetweet his stay in Ghana he replied, “I (used to) write, but I haven’t in a year. I am too lazy nowadays to think up an article. This was the second best option.” He added that he did not expect this much attention when he started tweeting.

We asked him what he will miss most about Ghana and he replied “the peace, the quiet, the laid back atmosphere, the view; double entendre intended and the organisation.” He was supposed to be in Ghana till September 19th but currently he isn’t so sure anymore. According to him, he might have to leave today or then.

Here are his accounts of the trip. We will update them as and when he posts.

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