10 Ironic Things You’ll Never See In Ghana

We love this country to bits. There is a little of everything happening each day.

This is just for fun, no disrespect intended but of course, some are as true as there is day from night.


1. Woyome Speaking Against Corruption

Corruption has consumed every bit of this country and it’s spreading like wildfire. It’ll be nice to have every public figure speak against this canker but it’ll be a shock to see Mr. Alfred Woyome speak against it. The man has a judgment debt payment he received hanging around his neck.

alfred agbesi woyome


2. Kennedy Agyapong Giving Advice On Respect

We all know his character, he doesn’t spare anybody when his path is crossed. In his own words, “I’ll descend into the gutter with you if you go there.” He is a member of parliament but that doesn’t prevent him from engaging in public verbal altercations using vulgar language with anyone. He can’t advise anyone on respect.



3. Afia Schwarzenegger Talking About Forgiveness

She has a loud mouth and she’s made it a point never to shut it for any reason. She’ll respond to the slightest and most trivial issues and doesn’t mince words at all. She’s held on to many beefs for years, most notable being her beef with former friend Delay, Mzbel, Obinim among many others. Obviously, Afia Schwar doesn’t know how to forgive and forget so don’t expect a lecture from her about forgiveness.

afia schwarzenneger


4. Adjoa Smart Advertising A Product That Makes You Grow Tall

This will be the funniest act ever to hit mother earth. We all know Adwoa Smart the actress, is a short person. Not that it’s a bad thing because she looks absolutely amazing. With her popularity, she can endorse any product and get it to be accepted by the public. However, we don’t think advertising a product that makes one tall will be a choice of endorsement for her.

Adwoa Smart


5. Akua Donkor And Kumchacha Teaching English In Schools

They are both Presidential aspirants and are both are election comedians. But what do they have in common? English. Kumchacha can literally kill with his English. He recently announced that he sacked his running mate, Prophet Apraku “My Daughter” because he cannot speak English properly, irony. Akua Donkor, on the other hand, cannot pronounce one English word to save her own life. She was caught recently holding an opened book, giving the impression that she was reading it. The funny aspect of it, however, was that the book was turned upside down.



6. Nii Lantey Vanderpuye And Kwesi Nyantakyi Lecturing On Unity

Ever since he assumed his position as the Minister of Youth And Sports, it’s been a turbulent time between himself and the bosses at the FA. He has put an end to a lot of things done in the past with respect to our National teams and has accused executives of the FA of not being transparent. Bad blood is written all over these two groups, don’t expect them to preach about unity any time soon.




7. Jeremie Giving A Speech On The Need To Be Real

Jeremie is a fine radio and TV personality. However, one issue people have with her is her over the top English accent. She’s been tagged the Queen of LAFA (Locally Acquired Foreign Accent). It’s hard to figure out which accent she has because, in one sentence, she pronounces certain words with a British accent and others with an American accent.




8. Reggie Rockstone And Roro Recording A Song Together

These two have quite a history together. They’ve thrown shots at each other on social media so many times. They don’t seem to agree on anything and one wouldn’t waste time to get at the other at the least opportunity. How about a song together? Nah we doubt that’ll ever happen.


9. Sarkodie Accepting That Pro-Bono And Free Are The Same

So everything looked great for Sarkodie. He was doing good music, making hits, massive collaborations, winning awards, then he dropped Kanta, a song in response to godMC, a diss track from M.anifest. In the song, Sarkodie dropped a lot of punches on M.anifest but messed it all up with two statements that contradicted each other. Sark at one point in the song said he used to feature on songs for free, then at any point in the song, he said, but from now it’s pro-bono. Meanwhile, pro-bono also means doing something for free. Sarks fans used every avenue to justify what he said with numerous claims and definitions and contexts. Sark himself hasn’t commented but if you’re thinking of having him accept that the two are the same, then forget it.

Photo: EL Carna

Photo: EL Carna


10. Yvonne Nelson Promoting Food That Makes You Fat

Yvonne Nelson is a former beauty queen, actress and model so her size is not even an issue of debate. She’s been slender for a long time. She recently seemed to have lost a lot more weight which caused her fans to ask questions about her health.




You may want to see here these photos of Yvonne Nelson ten years ago when she was a Miss Ghana beauty pageant.

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