Donkokrom: IGP was right to tell cops 'pull out, don’t die’ – Ato Dadzie

General News of Saturday, 27 August 2016



Lawyer Ato Dadzie NewNana Ato Dadzie – Lawyer

A lawyer for the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Nana Ato Dadzie, has backed a recent decision by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to withdraw his men from a town where residents had vandalized police post and other properties.

In a rare show of support since IGP John Kudalor’s decision, Nana Ato Dadzie said he would have done same to protect his men, re-group and re-strategise to quell the violence by the agitating residents.

“Police men are human beings. They have blood running through their veins. Strategic withdrawal is not a defeatist action at all,” the former Chief of Staff said Saturday on Newsfile on the Joy FM and Joy News channel on Multi TV.

The IGP ordered the withdrawal of his men stationed at Donkorkrom in the Eastern Region after residents destroyed a the police post and other properties.

The violence by the resident follows the escape of two police officers who were arrested for their involvement in a botched robbery attempt on a GCB bullion van.

Residents suspect the police deliberately allowed the bad cops to escape, a suspicion they say was strengthened by previous unprofessional conduct by officers in the past.

The IGP reportedly said the Donkokrom police post would remain closed unless residents pay for the restoration of the destruction they caused, a declaration that earned widespread condemnation especially from security experts.

Legal practitioner, Yaw Oppong, said the decision by the IGP to withdraw police personnel from town was unlawful.

Yaw Oppong said because police were responsible for the restoration of law and order, regardless of the situation, a withdrawal from the town as punishment to the people was can option.

However, presenting his take on the matter on news analysis programme, Newsfile, Ato Dadzie said the so called security experts are criticizing the IGP unfairly.

“if I were the IGP I would have ordered my men ‘pull out, don’t die’,” he told show host, Samson Anyenini.

He said security is a shared responsibility and that residents of the community have a role to play to ensure peace and security.

Meanwhile, the IGP has rescinded his decision and has ordered even more personnel to the Eastern Region town.

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