See How Obinim Was Caught in a Lie; Says he Never Slept with his Jr. Pastor’s Wife

10 Top Shenanigans of Bishop Obinim

It is pathetic that a man of God is able to openly lie and be proud of his lies. Clearly Bishop Obinim has forgotten that we are not in the Stone age and that whatever he says can be played back whenever we desire. NsromaMedia.Com has been following up on his brouhaha. Following his abuse of two kids at his church and a public lash out at him for punishing the kids for the same ‘crime’ he was found guilty of a few years ago, Bishop Obinim has come out to slam folks who are alleging that he slept with his junior pastor’s wife. An article that comes to mind is that of Nsiah Asante, who lashed out at the man of God in this article.

Nsiah Asante on Teenagers’ Abuse: Adulterous Bishop, Obinim Needs a Mirror

See how NsromaMedia.Com caught him in his lies. According to him, he never slept with his junior pastor’s wife but a copy of his interview with Delay tells it all.


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