Diamond Platinumz Called Nairobi ‘Mji’ And Guys Are Not Pleased

Nairobi yawa, relax! It appears Diamond might have touched Nairobi in a very sensitive area, unknowingly.

The well meaning king of Bongo who is in the country to stage a show in Meru over the weekend, posted referred to Nairobi as ‘mji‘ (Swahili for a small town), and that he feared being deported for even just stepping on someone by mistake.

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This could be in reference to the case regarding Koffi Olomide who was deported and banned from the country for assaulting fellow collegue at the JKIA airport some time last month.

Kenyans, however did not take it too kindly, and did not hesitate to let him know exactly that.


Check out some of the tweets here  

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