Castro pushed me in to Music – Asa Khalifa

Entertainment of Friday, 26 August 2016



Asa Khalifa Artiste NeewAsa Khalifa

Asa Khalifa formerly know as Old Soja , made a revealing on how he got into the music industry when he was interviewed by Sunyani’s finest Murphy Lee on the after drive show.

The interview which went on the airwaves of Storm 101.9 Fm’s Mid Morning Show with Dj Murphy Lee had Asa Khalifa sharing his past with his fans, telling them about is good relationship with yet to be found Castro “S3hio” hit maker.

The young musician disclosed , “I and Castro played for the same football team and he has being my captain throughout, both on the field of play and outside.

I remember visiting Castro one day and I caught him singing and shouting on top of his voice to my greatest surprise , he said to me “try singing because you have the talent” Old Soja now Asa Khalifa disclosed.

Castro was my God Father , he inspired me to do music , he continuously told me to sing and take the musical career seriously should in case football doesn’t take me far.

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