‘Prostitutes’ in Obinim’s church cry for his release

Angry Obinim WomenThe angry women are demanding for immediate release of their ‘Spiritual’ leader.

Some women alleging to be former prostitutes are calling for the immediate release of controversial Bishop Daniel Obinim.

The angry women who are members of the International Godways Church claim they risk going back of the age-old business if their ‘breadwinner and spiritual father’ is not released from police custody.

Bishop Obinim he was rounded up and sent to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for allegedly defrauding someone to the tune of GHS11.6 million.

He was later transferred to the Nima Police Station to spend the night there.

This angered his followers who massed up at the police station to be with him.

The former ladies of the night in an interview on Adom News said the Man of God convinced them to give up their ‘trade’ and set them up in business.

“Bishop Obinim talked us out of prostitution; he has rented a house for us and feed us every day. We owe him gratitude so if he is not released, we will go back to prostitution to survive” they fumed.

They believe it is just a grand scheme to subject the ‘Angel of God’ to public ridicule.

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