Majority of NPP promises not quantifiable – IMANI

Policy Think Tank IMANI has revealed that majority of promises made by the opposition New Patriotic Party are not quantifiable.

This was revealed by Deputy Head at IMANI in charge of Political and Economic Affairs, Hubert Nii-Aponsah, at a programme to analyse promises made by the various political parties ahead of the 2016 elections.

According to IMANI, “only one out of the 29 promises made by the NPP is quantifiable, 14, semi-quantifiable and 14 non-quantifiable.”

Mr. Nii-Aponsah also disclosed that 247 promises had been made by the various political parties with a little of just 100 days left for the December elections.

IMANI’s analysis means there are no specific parameters by which the promises made by the political parties can be implemented.

“Under governance, 8 promises were found, 3, semi-quantifiable, and one interesting promise was to create a western north region during his [Nana Addo’s] tenure of office. What does the constitution say about this promise? Article 5 of the Constitution says that a commission of enquiry must show the president that there is substantive demand for a new region and a referendum conducted must entail at least 50 percent of persons entitled to vote.

“And once the vote is cast, the pass rate must be 80 percent in favour of the issue. So these provisions are to be satisfied in order for the promises to fulfilled,” Nii-Amponsah said.

According to IMANI, the NDC unlike in 2012 when they made 541 promises have so far made only 20 promises this year. Out of the 541 promises made by the NDC in 2012 only 12 were quantifiable.

So far the PPP has made 48 promises, CPP, 38, NDP, 44, and PNC, 62 promises.

Source: Ghana/ Welsing

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