May’s Day Care and Educational Centre graduates students

Accra, Aug. 23, GNA
– May’s Day Care and Educational Centre, has had a considerable increment in
the number of students who graduated with honours of Diploma in Early Childhood
Education as compared to those who graduated last year.

Mrs Efua
Bram-Larbi, Director of the School told the GNA in an interview that the number
of students that offered courses in the pre-school caregiver training increased
massively from 13 to 44 this year, because of recommendations made to other
people by alumni of the School over their services, courses offered and quality
of education.

The ceremony saw 34
students graduate with Professional Diploma in Early Childhood; 10 graduate
with Professional Certificate in Early Childhood Education; 13 graduate from
the Day Care School; and 11 graduate from the Junior High School.

She said this
during the 25th graduation, speech and prize giving ceremony of the school in

Speaking about the
theme for the ceremony: “Working with parents,” Mrs Bram-Larbi said parental
involvement in a child’s education has a tremendous and varied benefits making
it an aspect of holistic education, which should not be ignored.

She said a report
by the South West Educational Development Laboratory in 2002 stated that “when
the school and the family work together to support learning, the children tend
to do better in their academic work and they like school more”.

She said the report
said regardless of the family’s financial background, students with involved
parents are more likely to earn higher marks in tests and have better social
skills and behaviour.

The Director
encouraged parents to create a home environment with a study area, study time
and materials that encourages learning.

She also urged them
to express high but realistic expectations of their children and get involved
in all activities that take place in the school.

“It is my hope that
the management, staff and parents of May’s Day Care and Educational Centre
would be able to continue working together so that at the end of the day
everyone would reap the benefits of this collaboration,” she said.

Mrs Comfort Asare,
Director of the Department of Social Welfare who was the Special Guest at the
ceremony said parents are primary care givers who start the learning process of
a child, therefore if a parent doesn’t start well, it would not end well with
the child.

She said parents
are the main players in setting the pace for children’s roles in the society
and sometimes become deeply challenged about rising complexities in life and
inadvertencies in their crucial responsibilities.

“We have had
instances where parents think, by giving a child enough money is adequate to
make the child somebody in future but it is very wrong.

“A happy home
environment, a caring and loving relationship and effective communication are a
lot of values that can contribute to the growth of a better child in future,”
she said.

Mrs Asare noted
that no child development institution could achieve its objectives without
involving parents who are supposed to be key stakeholders, hence commended the
Management of the School for making the act pertinent.

She said sometimes
many parents tend to be over protective on their wards in a manner that the
child cannot be independent or undertake competition and might develop a
passive and dependent character.

Mrs Asare children
must be allowed to explore.

She said some
parents blame teachers for every miss up that befalls their wards and attack
them in schools unnecessarily, adding that it is an act that should be

She said: “Some
parents are also part time parents in a manner that they are always busy and tired
and cannot be involved in the proper upbringing of their wards because they
assume teachers are responsible for the upbringing of children.”

Mrs Asare said some
parents always try to seek special treatment for their children in schools,
which doesn’t help the child in any way.

She advised parents
against feeding their children with junk foods and diet destroyers like
sausages, fried rice, hamburgers, since it tends to have massive impact on the
way they grow.

She also urged
parents, she called “homework advocates” to get time for their children at
home, which prevents them to attend to other matters.

The students
received awards in a number of categories including best student in Creative
Arts, Music, Technical Drawing and Skills, Science, Mathematics and English
Language; while the kindergarten pupils received awards for best pupil in the

The junior high
school students were also awarded in categories such as neatest, most
respectful, and most responsible.

The caregiver
graduates also received honours such as most helpful and responsible caregiver;
most enthusiastic caregiver; most respectful; most disciplined; most loyal;
most dedicated; most appreciated; and caregiver of the year awards.


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