Kiki Banson reveals reasons why he worked with Becca

Entertainment of Tuesday, 23 August 2016



Becca Kiki NewBecca and Kiki Banson

One of the men who played a major role as far as songstress Becca’s career is concerned is his former manager, Kiki Banson.

Kiki Banson was on George Quaye’s Pundit show and when asked about the qualities he looks out for in any musician, he mentioned charisma, state of mind, the person’s ability to be molded and more.

On why he worked with Becca, Kiki Banson said, “I worked with Becca because she has charisma, she was willing to endure all the odds and go through the thick and thin”.

He continued, “Becca’s state of mind then was 100%; focused, determined and she was willing to be molded so these are some of the stuffs that made me to manage her”.

Kiki Banson was the one who unearthed Becca even before her Mentor days and then brought her to the limelight with her ‘Daa ke daa’ song which featured Kwabena Kwabena.

Kiki didn’t only shaped Becca’s career but his physical shape and look as well, guess who’ve seen how Becca has transformed of late, right? Yes, it’s all the doings of Kiki.

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