Forget Sakawa Allegations: See PHOTOS of Atom Reloaded’s $85,000 Range Rover

Forget Sakawa Allegations: See PHOTOS of Atom Reloaded's $85,000 Range Rover

“Y3 wo krom” hitmaker Atom Reloaded is back in town after his Europe tour with a new $85, 000 Range Rover. Yesterday, NsromaMedia.Com reported that the rapper claims he has received close to $70,000 from Apple for the use of his hit single ‘Ye Wo Krom’ at their annual conference.

Over the past couple of months, he has been alleged to be a fraud boy- an allegation that he has rubbished-. With the Apple Settlement, coupled with money from Europe tour, one can readily assume this money is clean. Check out the car:

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wale Screenshot (286)

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Atom has disclosed his Europe tour which started from France, Denmark, Germany, Holland and ended up in Belgium was a success and that he is preparing to go on his London tour next.

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