CPP government will revolutionalise educational sector – Greenstreet

By Francis
Ameyibor, GNA

Accra, Aug. 22, GNA
– A Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP) government in 2017 would revolutionalise
the education sector through an Accelerated Education Sector Investment
Programme (AESIP), Mr Kobina Ivor Greenstreet, the presidential candidate, has

Under the AESIP,
educational facilities from kindergarten to the tertiary level would be
refurbished and expanded to meet the needs of a growing population and
modernising society, he said.

Mr Greenstreet, in
an interview with the Ghana News Agency, explained that for the CPP, education
serves a multiple purpose of aiding the individual to better understand society
and nature and to acquire the skills needed to earn a decent living while
contributing to national development.

He said a CPP
government would significantly reduce income taxes for teachers and health
personnel in addition to other incentives for those who worked in rural areas
and places designated as deprived.

He said through the
AESIP, the government would ensure that teachers were paid well and those who
needed training would receive them through every available and affordable
means, including distance learning.

“We shall use tax
incentives for the private sector, especially from financial institutions, to
build school infrastructure in particular areas of the country and lease that
infrastructure to the state for a specified period, after which they become
state property.

“The CPP will
improve working conditions of teachers, including timely payment of salaries
for new and current teachers and attractive home-ownership packages,” Mr
Greenstreet said.

Mr Greenstreet said
the CPP would decentralise education administration and give local
administrators the authority to deal with problems promptly without waiting for
directives from the head office or regional offices.

He said the
government would build an educational system that did not only provide academic
and life skills but inculcate in the children a high degree of self-esteem,
personal responsibility, civic duty, patriotism and community service.

“Secondary schools
will become part of basic education and will be made free and boarding schools
will be actively promoted as a way of reducing the cost of education and at the
same time encouraging Ghanaians from all walks of life to live together and
know each other before they enter the world of work.

“This is one of the
surest ways of fighting ethnocentrism and creating a common sense of nationhood
among our future leaders,” he said.

Mr Greenstreet said
a CPP government will make vocational and technical education mostly
post-secondary to ensure that those going to vocational and technical schools
are adequately prepared academically.

“All vocational and
technical schools will be adequately resourced under the AESIP to be introduced
by the CPP.

He said a CPP
government would enhance governance through quarterly publication of financial
and management reports of tertiary institutions and the establishment of more
transparent and pro-active mechanism to handle both staff and student

On science and
technology, Mr Greenstreet said the CPP would upgrade science and technology
facilities at all educational institutions and complete the Science and
Technology Museum which had been under construction for years.

He said the CPP
would adequately resource the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research to
play a more active role in national development.

Mr Greenstrett said
the CPP would also expand and improve the quality of the University of Mines
and Technology to attract a bigger share of the international student market
while offering first class education to Ghanaians.

Professor Edmund
Nminyem Delle, the CPP Chairman, said the state had a binding commitment to use
its power to promote high rates of economic growth and development as well as
ensuring that the wealth thereof was shared equitable among Ghanaians.

“We aspire to work
together with all Ghanaians to create a prosperous, just, safe, caring and
united society, where there is adequate food and shelter for all and there are
ample opportunities for every Ghanaian to develop their personal and social
potential to its fullest.

“We shall instil in
our people a culture of discipline and excellence, respect for law and order,
compassion towards one another, and the idea that we are one people with a
common destiny.

“We believe that
unless political power is placed in the hands of the CPP, the search for real
and lasting solutions to our political and social economic problems will remain
elusive,” Prof Delle said.

He, therefore,
called on the electorate to vote for Mr Greenstreet and the party’s
parliamentary candidates.


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