Bishop Obinim Arrested For Flogging Two Kids In His Church

Controversial pastor, Bishop Obinim has found himself, for the second time, in the arms of the law after a video of him flogging two kids surfaced on social media.

The video immediately went viral with many condemning his act, many also came to this aid after Obinim released a video explaining the cause of his action.

Many influential bodies, including Amnesty International, called for Obinim’s arrest with many law firms and human rights bodies threatening lawsuit.

Earlier today Bishop Daniel Obinim was arrested by the Police. This is the second time he has been arrested, the first was when he ransacked a radio station in Accra, who broke news about him.

Bishop Obinim was threatened with several lawsuits when a video of him surfaced online of him stomping on an alleged pregnant woman’s stomach, claiming he was healing the woman. Obinim came out to deny that the woman in the video was pregnant. This act was still condemned by many.


Watch a video below of the police escorting Bishop Obinim today.


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