Tie The Perfect Aso-Oke Gele In 5 Minutes

Scarf tying is a big deal if you want to slay in Trad.

This is especially true if you’re going for an Owambe. Scarves for Trad can either be Ankara, aso-oke or any other material.

For most materials, tying them can be a challenge. But once you learn, it becomes super easy. Many women shy away from tying aso-oke scarves because it looks hard. Or because it is presumed to be only for the Yorubas.

Anyone can rock the aso-oke scarf. It’s one Nigeria afterall.

Tying the aso-oke is really easy. All you need is the material and some pins (in case it’s loose). And you get this look:

Aso-oke gele/scarf

Image: YouTube


Reminds you of the infinity pleats gele, right? The best part about this scarf tutorial is that you learn how to cover your back hair area. This is particularly important if your hairstyle is old or you didn’t make your hair.

Aso-oke gele/scarf

Image: YouTube


Watch as Christiana of Christiana’s closet shows you how to tie this gele that covers your back hair area as well:


Great, right? Here is another Owambe scarf tutorial we bet you will love: Learn how to tie a simple gele yourself. Also, check out these 4 turban scarf styles for your regular scarf days!

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