This is the First Ghanaian To Wear No Makeup on her Wedding Day

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Personally, I find the lady to be the first Ghanaian bride to have gone makeup-free for her big day. Oh yes! she had zero makeup on. Social media is buzzing and many are praising her for the big move.Most women can probably attest to knowing at least one friend or family member who absolutely refuses to leave the house until she’s “put her face on.” Many women will not consider going anywhere, whether to the grocery store, the gym, or even the beach, without first putting on a little bit of mascara or lipstick. This Ghanaian lady stepped out and it is just amazing.

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Insecurity knows no boundaries; it affects not just the average woman but also famous celebrities, many of whom would be considered beautiful by any standards. Well, for me, some ladies look great in makeups but I do not see this pretty bride looking ‘extra’ pretty in makeups. The team at NsromaMedia.Com is making efforts to locate her and get to know what motivated her to make this big move.


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