7 Perculiar Childhood Sunday Habits Nigerians Still Adopt

How come there’s no acronym for Thank God It’s Monday?

Well, I guess no one loves Mondays. I feel it’s unfair to have just 2 days for rest after working your entire body, mind, and spirit.

But come to think of it, one has just 1 day of rest over the weekend. Since Sunday is spent preparing for the week after you’d have spent a few hours in church.

Growing up, Sundays were my best days. Besides it being the sabbath for most Christians, it came with a lot of goodies. Hence I’d be counting down things we did as kids on Sundays and what made it so special.

P.S don’t forget to identify your favourite countdown.

1. Sunday Rice

There’s was always something special about Sunday rice. My mum made us believe God ate rice on Sundays only. The effort put into it made it more exciting and salivating.

Egg Fried Rice

Image: TheWoksOfLife


2. Wearing Sunday Clothes

You’re only allowed to wear certain clothes on Sunday. Wearing it any other day is strictly forbidden. Those were called Sunday’s best.

Images by Instagram/ Wedding gist Naija

Images by Instagram/ Wedding gist Naija


3. Sunday Treats

If you had the kind of mother I had, then this should excite you. After Sunday lunch, she’d go around or call you one after the other into her room and hand you a treat. Could be candy or anything that made a singular appearance once a week. God help you if you misbehaved over the week.


Images by Instagram/ Finstmeemi


4. Sunday Hair

Till date, most of us born in the early 80’s and 90’s are accustomed to making our hair on Saturday so it still looks fresh and new on Sunday morning. With Momma, you always had to be spot on. No time for shabby looks else God would frown on you.

flat twist 3


5. Sunday Guests

As kids back then, if you paid attention closely, some guests only visited on Sundays. And the house would be so full you’re asked to go outside and play. Time for adults to catch up on gossip. LOL


Images by Instagram/ Whyliddtle


6. Sunday Visits

Yeah, those moments when you’re allowed to go visit your favourite cousins even if they lived two streets away.


Images by Instagram/ Mommyna Zizu


7. No ‘sinning’ on Sunday

Every other day one could tell a lie but not on Sunday. You had to be holy on that day but as human as we are, we’d fall back into the same old habits by Monday morning.


Images by Instagram/ Blhowjob


So tell us, what Sunday habits did you grow up participating in on and which ones do you still indulge in? Like this? Check out the goodies kids spent Sunday offering money on.

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