6 Healthy Tips For Losing Belly Fat

There’s nothing sexy about a man or woman with a big belly.

The worst is when it protrudes and falls below the belt line. Don’t get me wrong, some people like their mates chubby and fleshy. But not me!

Different strokes for different folks, Iguess.

For those on the “et’s shed the belly fat” side, you’re probably wondering why all the crunches aren’t yielding any results. It’s because it takes more than just exercises to lose that jelly hanging loose.

How, might you ask? And what other requirements do I need? You might want to get comfortable and read along:

1. Get Enough Sleep

We’re talking 8 hours minimum. Inadequate rest may cripple your hormonal production, metabolism, and nervous function. This, in turn, would impair the production of key hormones responsible for the metabolism of fat cells. Enough sleep can help your brain function well and also help your body burn stubborn belly fat.

black girl sleeping

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2. Exercise

In this part of the world, we just partake in everything without consulting a professional. We regard going to the gym as the “in thing” when we barely know how to work those complex pieces of equipment. Seek professional help on what exercises suit your body type.

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3. Food

Just because you just burned 120 Calories at the gym doesn’t qualify you to go down a big bowl of Eba with Egusi soup. My brother, stop wasting your time! Watching what you eat is most important especially Carbs. They are a big no-no after 8pm. Proteins serve as better alternatives.

Egusi and Pounded yam



4. Water

We can’t emphasise enough on the importance of drinking plenty water daily. The point is, take lots of water to lose belly fat.

black woman drinking water


5. Office Workout

Try as much as you can to walk around instead of sending your staff on errands. You’d be amazed how much you’d burn if you walked to the photocopier machine yourself.



6. Green Tea and Fruits

Not a fan of green tea, try it. It works wonders. Fruits should definitely be your best friend. This is because many fruits are high in fibre and are filling. Making you eat less than you’d usually eat. They are also great for bowel movement and constipation.

Fruit Smoothie Nigeria

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I hope these tips help you lose that jelly tummy. Check the ways you can join the fruit smoothie trend for a healthier lifestyle.

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