25 Tweets That Show What Will Happen If Nigerians Were At Hogwarts

I recently read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, the new Harry Potter play and I went back to reeling in the nostalgia that is the Harry Potter series. It’s actually been a while.

Image: Creative Cow

Image: Creative Cow


And then, I remembered the day Nigerians took the hashtag #NigeriansAtHogwarts to a whole new dimension and it was all shades of hilarious. Went back to reading the tweets and selected 25 favourites. To be very honest, there were a lot to pick from.

Here are a few scenarios that will totally play out if Nigerians were at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry:

1. They’ll most likely cook up a similarity between owls and chicken


2. Aso-ebi and gele to match


3. Because your mother has stuffed your bag with goodies from home




5. O ga-eme gi vuum n’anya


6. Who wouldn’t?


7. And this funny one about Hausa brothers.


8. Gonna be so awkward.


9. Power pass power!


10. What other use does the invisibility cloak have tbh?


11. Jazz pass jazz, Mr Malfoy


12. Gatts show off what you brought from Benin




14. Marauders Map forever exposing the Yoruba demons


15. Because Hogwarts is just for you to go and rest before actual school


16. LMAO, I really cannot!


17. Hi, I’m Oghenevwogagan


18. When Hermione’s oversabi is too much


19. DYING!!!

20. Well well…


21. You will not collect hundred naira for the three of them?


22. It’s me oh. Don’t kill me.


23. WYD guys?


24. Can I see Sirius Black well?


25. Because it’s Patience d’uh!


What other scenarios can you imagine will happen if Nigerians were at Hogwarts? You should also see how Nigerians came for Jhene Aiko on Twitter and why they did.

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