Wo Maame Tw3 is Not a Dancehall Song- Bulldog Tells Shatta Wale


Bulldog has joined the list of people who have started saying that self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Shatta Wale has not been doing Dancehall music in recent times. The former manager of Shatta Wale was on GHONE TV’s Pundit show to talk about Dancehall Music in Ghana as well as its impact and whether the genre is violent with respect to its  lyrics and presentation style.

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He made a nice presentation defending the genre and finally concluded that the genre is not violent. During his presentation, he cited Shatta Wale’s song, Wo Maame Tw3 as an example

“Listen to a song like Wo maame Tw3 (WMT), the rhythm is a hiplife, it’s never a dancehall song so we should stop classifying every song from some people as a dancehall song. So I say WMT is a hiplife song from a dancehall artist.”

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In effect, Bulldog argued that the fact that a violent song may have come from a Dancehall artiste does not necessarily mean that the song is Dancehall.

When Shatta Wale released his Wo Maame Tw3 song, Bulldog categorically made known that it was not a Dancehall song and that Shatta’s new management were doing a try and error with his career.

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