Shatta Wale's 'Wo maame Tw3' is not Dancehall – Bulldog

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Bulldogg Criticize Shatta WO Maame SongShatta Wale and Bulldog

For sometime now, lots of people have even stopped labeling Shatta Wale as a dancehall artist, they claimed almost all his popular songs are not dancehall songs so they don’t even see the need of referring to him as a dancehall act.

Well, his former manager, Lawrence Nana Asiamah aka Bulldog was on GHONE TV’s Pundit show to talk about dancehall in Ghana, it’s impacts and whether the genre is violent with respect to his lyrics and presentation style.

Sighting an example as to whether dancehall is violent or not, he said, “Listen to a song like Wo maame Tw3 (WMT), the rhythm is a hiplife, it’s never a dancehall song so we should stop classifying every song from some people as a dancehall song.”

He continued, “So I say WMT is a hiplife song from a dancehall artist.” Bulldog referring to Shatta Wale’s WMT song as a hiplife song but not a dancehall song.

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