Importance of joining a Garden and Flower Club

Accra, Aug. 18, GNA
– Daisy is 33, a Corporate Affairs Manager at a large and renowned
multinational company.

She was in a bad
state and was stressed mentally, emotionally and physically, due to her
demanding job but now, has a drastic change in her demeanor.

Daisy, now the
picture of good health, is more relaxed, happier and able to handle the demands
of her job in a more efficient manner.

Looking back at her
life, she has no regrets about deciding to join a garden and flower club months

Becoming a member
was a recommendation by a cousin who thought Daisy needed a break from the
suffocating work environment as the club is aimed to inspire knowledge and love
for gardens and flowers through educational and practical activities including
monthly speakers, garden tours, flower shows and workshops.

Though Daisy knew
little about gardening and flowers, she was convinced to try it out and now
realizes the benefits from joining the club.

An important benefit
experiencing that she is now able to maintain a healthy balance between work
and leisure because the club’s garden and flower activities makes a pleasant
break from the hectic work environment.

Furthermore, she is
now able to apply the skills and knowledge to her own garden, which she uses for
relaxation, whether she is planting flowers, taking care of plants or simply

Daisy has also
realized that because of her gardening activities with the club and at home,
she now has an active lifestyle, which has positively affected her physically
and mentally.

Her mind is more
relaxed and able to cope with stressful situations at work and has more energy
to take on various tasks.

This development is
no surprise because the Journal of Health Psychology published an experiment
that proved that gardening could be compared to a stress-relieving activity.

In the experiment,
test subjects in gardening experienced a significant decrease in stress levels
when compared with other subjects that were assigned to simple reading.

Since she joined the
club, Daisy has gained new practical skills and bringing back to life her
latent creative skills because though there was a garden in her backyard, she
never attended to it.

However, with the
floriculture skills she acquired, she could not wait to start her own garden
and in no time transformed it into a beautiful work of art.

Daisy also grows her
own fruits and vegetables now and harvests bursting, juicy tomatoes, tangerines
and other fruits and vegetables.

As a result, she has
been able to cut down expenditure on food and made additional income from the
sale of her plants in addition to meeting and connecting with different people
who together have created a small flower garden for an orphanage.

Daisy not only
learnt a lot from these activities but also experienced a sense of unity that
boosted her self-esteem.

It is for these and
other reasons that buttress the need for being part of the Ghana Garden and
Flower Movement and also attending the Ghana Garden and Flower Show scheduled
from September 8 – 14.

The outline of
events at the Efua Sutherland Children’s Park, are great opportunities to
collect information about club, as well as discovering programmes to enhance
your surroundings to contribute to the greenery and health of the country.

Gardening definitely
comes with a number of benefits, be it mental, physical or even economic and
like Daisy, you do not need to be an expert in horticulture and floriculture
before getting involved.

There are many
available opportunities to learn, develop your skills and contribute to a
greener, healthier, wealthier, cleaner and more beautiful Ghana.  Just make the time.


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