Electronic FX- Trading is not gambling- Bastiat

Accra, Aug. 19, GNA
– Bastiat Ghana, a liberal economic research think tank, has dismissed the
notion by most African countries, that making money through the internet is a
venture controlled by fraudsters.

“Our established
research deduces that most people in this circle of internet fraudsters are
largely illiterate guided by self IT-exploration and adventurous games, “a
statement issued by Dr Tweneboah Senzu, Executive Director & Head of
Research Bastiat Ghana, has said.

He said while the
real educated people actually engage in genuine electronic transactions on the
internet, pegged at 79.8 per cent, it has always been investment venture
project like forex and commodity trading on the continent.

“In August 2012,
the Bank for International Settlement reported that the Forex Market Traded in
excess of 4.9 trillion per day.

“This free floating
currency market, which Bastiat Ghana has taken upon itself to empower the Youth
of Ghana and Africa as a whole would exploit the full potential
opportunity…used to be traded only by banks, hedge funds and large commercial

“Due to the
technology break through and the expansion of the internet, the electronic
communication network (ECN) was introduced in 1990 to facilitate electronic
trading, which made it possible for investors all over the world to trade
regardless of their location or time zone,” he said.

Dr Senzu also a
Research Professor of African School of Economics said the phenomenon ushered
in the era of brokers to place trades on the ECN on customers’ behalf. 

He said to be a
customer, one needs to be equipped with the technical know-how skill to exploit
the full opportunities in the sector of the Investment market, which Bastiat
Ghana is prepared with a renowned and competent team of vast experience in
electronic trading to support and guide development.

Bastiat Ghana has
advised potential clients to be mindful of quack traders claiming to be
teachers, which could result in gambling with their trades, which has a higher
probability of losing their investments.

Dr Senzu said:
“Quality traders are trade statisticians who guide their trade with sound
economic principles and well calculated risk management methods for attractive
investment return.”

Bastiat Ghana
organises lectures from Thursday to Friday, every week   at its ultra-modern theatre hall at Lapaz-
Akweiteman Road, aim at transforming participants into a state of financial
life and wealth status.

Interested persons
could contact the organisation on 0543105144, visit the Administrative office
at the 3rd Floor of CCT-Fisherman House or through: [email protected]


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