7 Types Of People You Can Find In A Ghanaian Restaurant

Ghanaians are not very used to eating out, majority of Ghanaians prepare their own food and eat at home.

Because of this eating at a restaurant is somehow seen as luxury or reserved for the affluent. Hence there all kinds of people you’ll see when you walk into a Ghanaian restaurant.

Here are 7 types of people you’re likely to meet in a Ghanaian restaurant.

1. Social Media Freaks

These are usually the types who are being taken out, meaning they won’t have to pay for a dime for the food but they do have every right to show off to the social world about how good their life is or the expensive food or place they are eating.

Photo: Ray Styles/Pencilled Celebrities

Photo: Ray Styles/Pencilled Celebrities


2. The Birthday Girls

It has become a trend lately to see people, mostly girls, celebrating their birthdays at plush restaurants. Usually there are a dozen well-dressed girls and a few gentlemen at the small party.

Photo: LeadersOfAfrica/Instagram

Photo: LeadersOfAfrica/Instagram


3. The Live Band Fanatics

These are the lovers of live band music who only visit the restaurant just to enjoy live music. Since most restaurants add live music as a side attraction.

Photo: ArtisteCard.com

Photo: ArtisteCard.com


4. The Noisy Family

Some families have made it a thing to dine out from time to time, when they do, they come along with all the children and this is where you’re faced with a lack of control, they tend to disturb guests.



5. The Parasites

From time to time you get a group of girls who decide to come out and feast on a rich guy’s pocket, they usually call all their friends to come join the table.

Image: CreoConcepts

Image: CreoConcepts


6. The Foodie

They are just there for the one reason why they should be there, to eat.

Stealing Meat From Pot

Image: AfroTelly


7. The Complainer

These people are hated by the waiters and waitresses because they pretty much complain about everything you bring them and the service. They are never satisfied.

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