10 Things Everyone Who Had A Saving Box Back In The Days Can Relate To

Back in the days when children were still young and innocent, parents tried to teach them to save by buying or making a saving box popularly known as ‘kolo’ in Nigeria and “Susu Adaka” in Ghana, for them. 

Photo: TechPoint.Ng

Photo: TechPoint.Ng


This box had an opening where money could be easily put in and saved for future use, but more importantly, to avoid the child spending it on irrelevant things like candies and the likes. So if you grew up having a kolo, you most definitely can relate to some of these.

1. When you forget to put a visitor’s money inside the box immediately and your mother asks to keep it for you

Which money will I use to buy new clothes for you?

small girl thinking meme african girl


2. When you get small change and you’re wondering whether to keep it inside the box or buy extra snacks at school

It’s just 50 naira abeg

meme yes


3. You when you see your uncles and aunts. 

I have a kolo oh, aunty

funke akindele meme

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4. You when you have to use hanger or a scissor to remove money from your saving box when you’re dead broke

Don’t judge me plis


Image: MemesVault


5. You when you shake the box to hear the rattle of the money

Hayy, I’m a millionaire oh



6. And then stuffing the kolo with paper for it to rattle more

My kolo has to make the most noise.



7. When it’s December already and it’s time to break the kolo

I did it

I Made It GIF


8. You when you finally break your saving box

#MoneyGang #RichGang

Money Gif


9. And when you find out that your money was higher than that of your siblings


Will Smith Crazy Dance

Image: FunnyOrdie


10. You when you have to start the whole kolo thing all over again

Chai. Shey na like this e go be again?

headache gif


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