Story Of How Koforidua Youth Sell BLOOD For A iving

The prevailing economic hardship in the country has forced the youth in Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital of Ghana to turn to selling their blood at hospitals within the municipality for a living.

Two of them Felix Mensah and Clement Ofori, said, they sustain themselves with what they get from the blood donation.

Felix said anytime he felt the need for money, he would quickly rushed to either St. Joseph Hospital or the Regional Hospital to donate blood because at the end of the day, he makes some money.

According to him, he does that to fend for himself since he is jobless and has no one to support him, disclosing that, he makes about GH¢100 anytime he donates blood.

Clement Ofori, for his part said, his motivation when it comes to the blood business is the money he receives anytime he donates blood at the various hospitals. “I have taken it as my personal business because am really making money out of it for my survival. I sometimes donate to more than one hospital a day,” adding that they now have clients who called them for blood donation at the various hospitals.

He disclosed that before he started the blood business, life was really tough for him but he has now been a bit relieved.

“We are okay with this current business because our lives are now better off through the monies we are making. We have decided to take the blood donation business as our life time business since it is worth it. We will be convinced to stop the blood for money business if any job opportunity pops up, but apart from that, we will continue doing it.



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