PHOTOS: John Dumelo Gets a New Landcruiser, Rumoured to be a Gift from Mahama

PHOTOS: John Dumelo Spotted in a New Landcruiser, Rumoured to be a Gift from Mahama

Grapevine has it that President Mahama has bought a new Toyota land cruiser for 32-year-old actor, John Dumelo. He was spotted in the vehicle in Accra today.

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He was a principal speaker at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) campaign launch held in Cape Coast on Sunday. His has being vocal about his position in terms of political affiliation. He is on record to have said that NPP’s Nana Addo can never be President.

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According to him, he has been threatened and verbally abused ever since he decided to declare his support for President Mahama. Even in the face of the abuse and threats, his loyalty and support remain unfeigned.

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Recently he was in the news for confessing that he used to be a womanizer but he has given that up for politics.

Ermm, well at first, I was a womanizer, serious one; I loved womanizing to bits but I’ve stopped as the years go by. I think I’ve seen the light, I’m now a religious person, I pray a lot.

I don’t love women anymore, I now love God, so to the folks out there, there is nothing good in womanizing, just put a stop to it.

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