Nsiah Asante on Teenagers’ Abuse: Adulterous Bishop, Obinim Needs a Mirror

I  woke up to another nonsense on display at the International God’s Way Ministries and as usual, a certain Bishop Daniel Obinim was in the middle of it— a video of him violently ‘disciplining’ two teenagers (the girl is PREGNANT) for having premarital sex which led to a pregnancy. But for any other man of God, I probably would have just expressed my disapproval at it and let it slide. However, to have an adulterous man of God who has openly confessed to adultery (an overly reckless one) try to straighten these kids in an abusive manner is JUST wrong. He may be the one taking care of them but whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander, to wit; if the kids deserveD corporal punishment for reckless sex, Obinim himself deserves same for his adultery.

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Kindly permit me, Nsiah Asante of NsromaMedia.Com, to touch on a few times this man of God was sexually reckless.

Bishop Obinim was recorded in an audio tape telling a lady that his wife, Florence Obinim’s lady part(vagina) is big and that Florence is ugly. Florence took the center stage and ridiculously defended her husband in all these. In 2009, it came to light that the then pregnant Florence Obinim  packed her things and left for London as a result of a fierce fight between Obinim and her.

A junior pastor, William Fobih’s wife called Pokuaa was in the center of Obinim’s adulterous relationship which came into the public domain. Apparantly had been bonking the woman and the aftermath was dirty for a man of God. Later on, he made a public declaration on Delay’s show that the relationship was actually a good thing since it helped him to know that he was human. After sleeping with his wife, the quick tempered man of God cursed a child of the  junior pastor.. I have confirmation that the child is still a cripple. 

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These two instances, I believe, should be enough to justify why I think the man of God needs a mirror if he has the nerves to physically abuse two teenagers for having reckless sex. Not to say the elderly has no right to punish younger ones. However, if an elderly decides on a type of punishment for a younger fella, he must as well be ready for same punishment when he does what the young fella did.

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And if per chance this individual feels that he has the right to violently discipline two teenagers for being sexually reckless , then he clearly has no mirror in his house. No one laid a finger on you when you decided to verbally degrade your wife to nothingness, neither were you caned when you took advantage of your junior pastor’s wife.

To the subject of using violence to discipline kids, my checks have confirmed that Bishop Obinim personally handles Guidance and Counseling in his church. The mere fact that he chose violence ahead of other forms of punishment shows that he really does not know what he is about. This has nothing to do with the relationship between him and the kids–he could be their parent/caretaker. IT IS WRONG TO USE VIOLENCE TO CORRECT KIDS. Both the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ghana Education Service (GES) have condemned the use of corporal punishment in our schools and if Oye Lithur and her ministry does nothing to send word to Obinim’s kind, I will be very disappointed.

-Nsiah Asante/NsromaMedia.Com


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