7 Names You’re Likely To Be Called In A Nigerian Market

The Nigerian market is a place where you find different categories of people.



There are the enthusiastic sellers who want to make a profit and the buyers who want to get a good product and save some money. Everyone has a target for the day.

One thing that leaves me in awe however is how Nigerian sellers are able to call people different names to attract them to their stall or product.

Here are the few names you’re likely to be called in a Nigerian market.

1. Customer

Customer is the most common name and probably the safest of others on this list. It’s frequently overused but who cares, we use it too when we want prices to be reduced.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia


2. Eyys/Ssss

This is unarguably one of the worst on the list because it’s borderline rude and disrespectful. Many buyers ignore this obviously.

kaneshie market

Image: scadommbroso.com


3. My colour

My colour is the one you hear when a light skinned seller meets a light skinned buyer and vice versa. I think it’s more of a light skinned thing, though, but well, na my colour both ways.

Photo: Greenf.com

Photo: Greenf.com


4. Bros/Sister

When they’re not calling you any of the above, they’re keeping it cool by calling you “bros” or “sister”. Actually quite decent and it never hurts anyone. Also depending on the mood of the seller, he may add adjectives like fine or beautiful to hasten the process of moving over.

Image: NationalGeographic

Image: NationalGeographic


5. My Child

When you go to a market with old women selling items, there are chances that they keep beckoning on you and calling you names that denote that you’re their child “omo mi”, “nwa m” etc.

makola market

Image Credit: AcuteByDesign.com


6. Sisi Eko

If you’re one of those people who look so damn good when going to the market, then this is what they probably call you. Or they call you a derivative like “Agbani” or “Miss World”. Either way, they’re calling you almost the same thing.

kotokuraba market

Image: www.newsghana.com


7. Ashawo/Pepeye

And when they’ve tried to get you over to their stall but it all proved abortive, they result to insults and say harsh words. Depending on your physical appearance, they may personalise the insult or just stick to the normal ashawo, pepeye, and the likes.

Image: The Sheet NG

Image: The Sheet NG


What other names do you get called in a Nigerian market? You should also check out these words that will help you get the best buy in a market.

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