4 Vital Things You Can Do On Social Media

Maybe not everyone. But a large percentage of the world’s population is online. And guess where they are? That’s right, Social media! From Facebook to Twitter to SnapChat, everyone has at least one social media account.

Apart from keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, there are so many other things we can do with social media. Check out my favourite five:

Most companies have social media platforms and advertise job openings from their social media accounts. Job sites in Nigeria are not left out. Many of them post job openings via their social media handles.

Ever seen someone commend or complain a particular company’s services? For example, people are so quick to complain about poor network services on their phones to these telecom companies.

Everyone can get info via social media. People in Lagos and other states often ask about traffic situations on their routes from accounts who are in that niche. You can even get information on companies providing a service in your locality from social media.

Many government agencies are now on social media. You can reach out to them and get replies within minutes. Ever since the launch of the Police CRU on social media platforms, Nigerians can now connect and report the bad conduct of officers of NPF.

Aliyu Giwa police officer

Image: Instagram/AleeyGiwa

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