10 Things You’ll See On Ghanaian Roads Which Are Unlawful

You’ll assume that roads are meant for vehicles, motorbikes, and bicycles but that’s not the case in Ghana. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll see on our roads as you travel.

Our roads and pavements along them have been turned into places for various activities. These range from beggars to sellers of various goods. Even though these are illegal, people do them and get away with it since our law enforcement drive is simply non-existent.

Everybody does practically anything on our roads and gets away with it.

Below are 10 other things you’ll see on Ghanaian roads aside vehicles, motorbikes and bicycles.

1. Beggars

This is one thing you’ll find on almost every busy road in Ghana. From the handicapped to just lazy people trying to get money off people, this is a real headache. Major roads get decongested of these people only during major international events. They either sit on pavements or walk between vehicles to beg.

ghana street traffic sellers


2. Mad People

Madmen road the streets of Ghana every single day. This can get scary sometimes as you don’t know how aggressive they might become or what their next move will be. Some even walk up to passengers to beg for money to buy food.

trotro fight


3. Petty Traders

They sell everything from purified water to carbonated drinks. These products and goods they hawk in-between lanes on busy roads. Once there’s traffic, they walk from vehicle to vehicle showing their stuff to passengers. You’ll get practically anything you want on our roads even though it’s against the law to sell on the streets.

Photo: GhanaPosts/Instagram

Photo: GhanaPosts/Instagram


4. Traders Of Animals

Whether it’s a dog, fowl, guinea fowl, parrot or a dove, you’ll get it on the streets of Ghana. They normally have cages on the shoulder of the road where they keep the animals. They’ll then pick one and approach vehicles with them when there’s traffic. Once a passenger expresses interest, a bargain is entered and when a deal is made, the animal is transferred to the buyer.

circle hawker accra


5. Rubbish

A walk down major roads will send nostalgic feelings down one’s spine. Heaps of rubbish meets the eye in every corner of our roads, even on ceremonial streets. The culprits of these are mostly the sellers along the roads, they dump their rubbish right onto the road. When they sweep, they gather same into a heap and it can take over portions of the road since waste collection is a problem in this country.

Photo: Bob Pixel Photography

Photo: Bob Pixel Photography


6. Fish And Bush Meat Sellers

Bush meat sellers are normally along roads on the outskirts of town. The sellers are hunters who kill these animals and sell them to travelers along the road. Now, these are being sold along roads in cities as well. The fisher folks have also gotten in on the craze and are now showing pans of fish for sale to passengers on busy roads.

Photo By Teresa Meka/Behance

Photo By Teresa Meka/Behance


7. Electrical Appliance Dealers

This may come as a shock to you but electrical appliances from irons to extensions boards are all sold on our streets. Some people mount tables on the pavements and sell these appliances, some also sell them in traffic. They walk between vehicles showing them to passengers.

Funny Phone Charging Nigeria

Image: Streetizens/WordPress


8. Food Stuff Sellers

From yam, to tomatoes, to onions, you can find these on the streets in Ghana. Traders of these food stuff normally sell them in traffic on busy streets. They approach vehicles and show them to passengers, then they go on to negotiate and finally put them in a plastic bag for the buyer once a deal is struck.

Images by: Geneviveng

Images by: Geneviveng


9. Fashion Items

Clothes, foot wear, belts, perfumes, watches, necklaces etc. are all sold on our streets in Ghana. Since they claim the markets are full and they need to feed, people now bring all these unto the street to sell. Some have also turned the pavements into their own personal space where they line up their wares for sale.

circle hawker accra


10. Sirens

According to our laws, only members of the security service and emergency services are supposed to sound sirens in Ghana. However, what we see on our roads is different. We have commercial vehicles who have had sirens installed on their vehicles and they sound these at anytime of the day. Hearses are also fixed with sirens which are sounded when dead bodies are being conveyed.

Ghana Police


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