Lady apologises to Charterhouse over 'insensitive' comment

Entertainment of Wednesday, 17 August 2016



George Quaye SorryGeorge Quaye, Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse

Adu Amani has rendered an unqualified apology to organizers of Miss Malaika, Charterhouse over an unfortunate statement she passed on the beauty pageantry.

The lady commenting on a Facebook post which had one of the contestants of this year’s edition, Monday said she has heard over the years that some people have been sleeping with half of the contestants.

But Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse, George Quaye responding to the comment described it as “silly and childish” and questioned why Amani did not make proper checks before placing it in the public domain.

Moments after the incident, Adu Amani has apologized to the event company.

“My comments were insensitive. I hope you will forgive me and try to understand how something like this might happen when I open my big mouth. The trouble is, I tend to speak sarcastically even when my audience might be apt to take me literally; being a woman who has been mentoring young girls and on a journey of inspiring women from humble beginnings to overcome self-doubt and lead with confidence, integrity and sense of humour, I have tremendous respect for these girls and their abilities, and I hope we can work together someday. I hope you will believe what you hear me say instead of what you read. I hope you will allow me to make this up to you,” her apology letter made available to read.

Meanwhile, George Quaye in an interview with accepted the apology.

“If she has accepted she erred and has apologized, that’s fine. Let’s move forward,” he said.

Miss Malaika has been in existence for the past 13 years and has seen intelligent and beautiful ladies compete for the enviable crown.

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