“I Will Be Coming To Kenya As A Tourist” – Akothee Relocates To Switzerland

Just as fast as she came, Akothee is leaving us, and we will not mince words in saying that she will definitely be missed. 

The flamboyant singer, now pregnant will be moving to Switzerland according to a post she made on Facebook. The reason behind this sudden move is having been given compulsory bed rest, her baby daddy and lover does not feel she is getting enough rest here. He therefore offered to relocate Akothee and her children permanently.

Akothee style

Image: Facebook/ Akothee


Akothee made the trip to Switzerland after flying with her daughters to Paris, France. In Paris, she met up with her boys after which they all took a train for the short cross country trip to Switzerland. Through her social media pages, Akothee has been keeping her fans well updated on her progress. In her Instagram post she stated.

I will also be coming to Kenya as a tourist , & I will book safaris with Akotheesafaris. I love my country, Kenya yangu nchi yangu.

Here are photos of her Paris and Switzerland trip.

1. Paris, France 

akothee paris

Image: Akothee/Instagram



akothee paris3

Image: Akothee/Instagram



akothee paris4

Image: Akothee/Instagram



akothee paris6

Image: Akothee/Instagram



akothee paris2

Image: Akothee/Instagram

6. Basel, Switzerland

image: akothee/instagram

Image: Akothee/Instagram



akothee paris9

Image: Akothee/Instagram



akothee paris8

Image: Akothee/Instagram



akothee paris7

Image: Akothee/Instagram


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