Here Are Telltale Signs That You May Be Ready To Have Kids

You were a bit unsure about wanting kids later, and thought a hypothetical biological clock changing your mind was out of the question.

But then you heard the most fabulous name or saw the perfect dress for your imaginary mini me and everything changed. Maybe there really is a ticking or maybe you have just been around enough babies now that they’ve actually won you over; either way, you’re starting to think it might not be the worst thing ever if you had a couple.

Here are signs you’re (maybe) finally ready to have kids:

1. You stopped feeling obligated to go out every Friday or Saturday night. 

You’ve already given up on the bar scene and have become quite the homebody as of late. Might as well add a few munchkins to the mix because there are only so many shows you can watch on Netflix… that is, until you start adding Disney movies to your queue.


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2. You finally have enough money to support another human being 

You’re no longer barely getting by and you can probably afford some diapers and formula now. A crib and stroller might be pushing it, but that’s what baby showers are for, right?

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3. You found someone worth having kids with or are fully confident you can handle it alone

It’s kind of hard to imagine having kids when you are still daydreaming about the person you would like to have them with. Once you’ve met someone who you know will make an amazing dad it’s a lot easier to picture it actually happening.

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4. Pictures of babies on Facebook stopped making you cringe 

OK, so some of them still do, but at least now you can tolerate the cute ones. You don’t even mind seeing what they are doing every single minute of every single day, even if it is only spitting up on themselves and sleeping.

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5. Their is a slight hint of jealousy whenever you see a baby  

You used to make fun of people who were having babies and think about how much their lives sucked, but now you’re kinda jealous you don’t have a little person crawling around that looks just like you.

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6.  The thought of kids crying and wailing no longer irritates you

Don’t get it twisted, they still annoy the crap out of you, but you can now see past their tantrums at the sweet little girls and boys they can be.




7. You are always ready and willing to baby sit 

You used to require a stocked fridge, all the movie channels, and a major payout at the end of the night before you’d go anywhere near a kid, but now you’re willing to do it for free. Because, you know, it’s good practice.

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8. You find yourself looking at cute baby outfits and names just out of the blue. 

Even though you have no baby gifts to buy at the moment, you can’t help but glimpsing at all of the adorable outfits with matching headbands you could buy.



10. Not drinking for nine months doesn’t seem so scary anymore  

Giving up your daily glass (or three) of after work wine sounds totally awful, but you’re finally starting to realize that the sacrifice is worth the reward. Besides, they say a little wine now and then is totally fine.

Image: Tumblr/MxTea

Image: Tumblr/MxTea


11. You have already accepted compromising certain things like travel and freedom, at least for a few years. 

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