Check out Tongue-wagging PHOTOS of the Girl with the Biggest Boobs on IG


She calls herself the Romangoddess and she believes that if you are large, you are in control. She has the kind of boobs that make Cossy Orjiakor question how big she is. Oh yes! She regularly lays out new photos of her incredible body and wins new fans, especially among the males. They cannot resist enjoying the sight of her king size breasts and curves.

She is super proud of them and flaunts them

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Screenshot (248)

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She hangs out with girls have similar assets

Screenshot (246)

Others start faking accounts and making money on her photos.  They get money from her eager fans and turn her into a scammer. That’s why she openly confronted the fraudsters through her blog. She told the truth about those fake accounts and asked all the fans to be careful who they start following or sending money to.

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Screenshot (245)

Girls, would you want such an asset? The backache from handling it is my worry.

Screenshot (249)

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