9 Types Of Bosses We’ve All Come Across

We’ve all had a boss at one point in our lives; if you’re still in school, it’s coming sooner than you think…

And when that day comes, pray to God to bless you with an awesome boss and not the one that’s a pain in the ass.

Here are types of bosses you will come across:

1. The pain in the ass boss

This is the kind of boss that annoys the hell out of everyone. He will expect you to swim in the floods (when it rains) to get to work on time. He’s a perfectionist and pays attention to details. He will shout at you for the tiniest mistake. This is the boss that everyone hates.

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2. The boss with superiority complex

He rubs it in his employees faces that he’s in charge. He will scream at everyone and keep repeating statements like “I am the boss!”. 🙄



3. The cool A.F boss

We would all kill for this boss. This is the kind of boss that doesn’t police people around. He will notice when you have changed, he understands when you need a break, he advises you, he wants you to grow and genuinely wants to see you make it in life. This is the kind of boss that will party with his employees at the end of year party and do that perfect shoki alongside his employees. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and is loved by everyone!

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4. The pervert

This boss cannot keep his goods inside his pants! He’s always flirting with the ladies and checking them out. He probably has a pending court case or two for indecency at work. Meh

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5. The story telling boss

This is the boss whose story is from grass to grace and he keeps telling his success story of how he struggled to get to the top over and over again, to act as an example to his employees.



6. The foreigner boss

This is the boss fresh from a foreign land who comes with a million unsolicited changes that nobody asked for! But in the end, it’s for the good of the company, you just gotta hang in there and get acclimatized to the new way of doing things.

Image: Mr World TV

Image: Mr World TV


7. The intimidating boss

We all secretly want to be him/her. Always dressed sharply, nails his/her presentations, is well spoken and eloquent and looks like a damn boss; he drives a flashy car too. This is your total #bossgoals!

Photo: StephenAppiahOfficial/Instagram

Photo: StephenAppiahOfficial/Instagram


8. The gone AWOL boss

This is the boss that delegates his duties to his assistant and is never in the office. He’s always out of the country on business trips. We love this boss because we can take a nap, go on social media or leave the office a few minutes before five o’clock because he/she is not in and we don’t really care much. Lol.

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9. The user

This is the kind of boss that will delegate some duties to you that are not even a part of your job description. This boss will ask you to go buy him lunch, pick up his suit from the dry cleaner, pick up his kids from school etc.

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