7 Ways To Wear Denim And Stand Out From The Crowd

Is there a way to make denim a stand out garment?

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually ways that you can wear denim and stand out. While everyone else goes for denim skinny jeans and a denim shirt when it comes to rocking the denim fashion; if you want to stand out while wearing denim, here are options that you can try out:

1. A denim baseball cap

Baseball caps are so in trend right now and you could join the bandwagon by getting yourself a denim baseball hat.

how to style a baseball cap

Image: Brit.co


2. A denim vintage jacket

A denim statement jacket will leave people asking you “wow, where did you get that?” I particularly like the vintage style cause you can easily DIY (do it yourself) by adding a piece of fabric, hand print, sequins etc.

Hand painted denim jacket

Images by Instagram/ Dricky Stickman


3. A denim pencil skirt

Unleash the sexy in you by wearing a denim pencil skirt paired with pointy heels and a cute blouse for that simple yet classy weekend look.

Denim on Denim

Images by Pinterest


4. A denim button down skirt

Button down skirts have been uber trendy since the beginning of the year and you can either go for a long button-down denim skirt or a mini button down skirt paired with a cute top and shoes.

button down denim skirt

Image: thestyleklazit.com


5. A denim dress shirt

shirt off shoulder dress

Image: GenevieveNG


6. An oversized denim vest

If you have none, simply buy a bigger denim jacket, cut off the hands and voila! You have yourself an oversized denim vest. It looks adorably cute thrown over a well fitting t-shirt dress or shift dress if you’re going for a casual weekend look.

denim vest

Image: thestyleklazit.com


7. Denim overall

You can never go wrong with a perfectly styled denim overall.

White tee with denim overalls

Image: BellaNaija


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