6 Ways To Catch A Cheating Nigerian Man

Nothing destroys a relationship faster than cheating.

It’s not like I’m singling out Nigerian men here. Nigerian women cheat too. But this cheating issue is more rampant among the men. Maybe, it’s because society condones cheating when it comes to a man.

We’d never know why

There are so many easy ways to catch a cheating partner. But for my purposes here, we’d stick to catching cheating men. A popular Nigerian adage says:

everyday for the thief, one day for the owner

This applies to cheating. Here are surefire ways to catch a cheating man:

1.  Follow your intuition

Everyone has this spider sense that tells them when something is wrong. Remember those days you wanted to go out, but got a bad feeling? And then you end up avoiding something horrible? That’s your intuition. If your spider senses start to tingle about your partner, don’t ignore it. Your intuition is often always right.



2.  Do FBI-style investigation on his phone

He may call it snooping, but we call it research. Snooping is always a good a way to catch a cheating Nigerian man. If you had access to his phone before and he changes his password, suspect foul play. He’s trying to stop you from snooping.

cheating man



3.  Monitor his Social Media accounts

If your Nigerian man is cheating, there is a 95% chance he has the interloper on his various social media accounts. Just go through his main social media accounts and you will definitely narrow down the suspects to a few people.


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4.  Guilt trip him

You know the saying, “a happy woman makes a happy home”. Acting sad and mopey will no doubt trigger his guilt senses. He may just confess his cheating ways because he thinks you know and that’s upsetting you.

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5.  Direct Confrontation

If you suspect your partner of cheating, just ask him. Direct confrontation often works.

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6.  Play mind games with his friends

You know how your bae’s friends will be in the know of his cheating ways and still call you “iyawo wa”? Well, you can flip the script. Mention cheating, your bae, and social media together in a sentence to any of his close friends. Watch them deny on his behalf. Then you’d see your partner acting nice because his friends have warned him that you know.

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Honestly, if you suspect your partner is cheating, confront them. Then decide what to do (LEAVE!!!). Check out our thoughts on what men and women shouldn’t do on dates.

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