6 Most Annoying Calls We All Like To Ignore

It’s a mobile phone world now but it’s usage has shifted from talking on it to texting, usually via chat apps like Whatsapp etc.

When it’s important, we all prefer to speak via a call, only headache, sometimes we get unsolicited calls we all hate with a passion.

Here’re some of them.

1. The Promo Calls

Since the calling, which eats up a lot of airtime, has dropped, Telecom companies have found ways to make money by using third party services called Value Added Service (VAS). These services provide all sorts of content to users, including bulk text messaging etc. but what annoy phone users is calls which tend to promote products but are disguised as a real call. We all truly hate these types of calls.

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2. The Wrong Number Callers

Nothing is annoying than a random number calling you to tell you the phone you are using is not yours.

Image: Bonbonbreak

Image: BonbonBreak


3. Calls From Distant Relatives

We’re all sometimes dodgy of calls from distant relatives especially those we barely call and have absolutely nothing to discuss with. Mostly because of their constant demands whenever they reach out.

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4. Customer Service Representatives

Nothing is annoying that receiving a call from a customer service representative, especially from a company that have poor services.

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5. The Talkative Friend

We all have that one friend who is a chatterbox, they just never know when to stop and usually it’s about irrelevant stuff.




6. The Anonymous Caller

This caller is different from a wrong number, this person found your number in their dreams or a random place and try to disturb you by calling you countless times, even after telling them it’s a wrong number, they’ll keep calling until you block them.

Photo Credit: Favl.org

Photo Credit: Favl.org


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