13 Life Goals Much More Fulfilling To Achieve Than Relationship Goals

In this digital age where everything is branded with a hashtag, often the true meaning of living a full  life is obscured into what the world should see of you versus the truths you should live up to and relationships are at the helm of it all. 

Here is a list of things we might all want to achieve deep down in our hearts.

1. A career you honestly love waking  up to every morning 

image: stockimages.com

image: StockImages.com


2. A steady pay check that you have earned 

image: giphy.com

Image: Giphy.com


3. Live in a different country for a few months and learn 

Image: Ric Flections Photography

Image: Ric Flections Photography


4. Making time to travel 

Image: xonecole.com

Image: XoneCole.com


5. Having true friends around you 

Photo: Paa Kwasi Photography

Photo: Paa Kwesi Photography


6. To eat and live well 

Image: foodiaries.org

Image: FooDiaries.org


7. To take control of your health 


Image: StockImages.com


8. A home you love going to at the end of the day, that you pay for 

image: theruvenous.com

Image: TheRuvenous.com


9. To earn the respect and love of your family 

Image: Hype Arena

Image: Hype Arena


10. To be well read and have the wisdom to make difficult decisions 

Image: BookRiot

Image: BookRiot


11. To learn a new language and speak it fluently 


Image: Giphy.com


12. The develop an instinct to identify a relationship that would be bad for you 

office romance

image: DaBaseAndBeat.com


13. To give and love whole heartedly 

Photo: Poka Arts/Instagram

Photo: Poka Arts/Instagram


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