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A Facebook comment by one Adu Amani that some people have slept with half of the contestants of Miss Malaika according to what she has heard, did not go down well with Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse, organisers of the beauty pageant as he described it as “childish” and “silly”.

George Quaye responding to the comment questioned why Adu Amani upon hearing such wild allegations did not crosscheck but went ahead to make it public.

He believes such vague allegations only seek to belittle the intelligence of ladies who partake in the beauty contest.

Read George Quaye’s full post:

Adu Amani, you heard some boys dey chop half of which girls? Why do you go about casting such wild assumptions? Why do you make it so difficult for young ladies to aspire toward greater heights and be better role models for others to follow? Why are we always in a hurry to assume sexual favours have been solicited and offered anytime women aspire for greater heights and actually attain them? Why are we always in such a hurry to belittle our beautiful women? Please be man or woman enough to state the specifics. Name and shame with authentic facts and stop making such wild, childish, silly and vague assumptions. You heard…you couldn’t do any checks to verify, yet found it pertinent to share it on a public platform? Could it be whoever told you wasn’t even referring to Miss Malaika? Smh. Please show some respect to our young ladies. Most of them have been brought up very well and have better morals than you could ever imagine. If you have friends who want to offer sexual favours for a crown. Please tell them to go elsewhere. Definitely not Miss Malaika Ghana. Thank you.

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