See PHOTOS of the Sad Ending this Skin Bleaching Cream Promises.


Trying to bleach/tone/whiten your skin? It is imperative that you know what the sellers are promising before you get into it. Dream Mercy Cosmetics on Facebook have been selling whitening cream or toning cream as they prefer to call it. They are selling this for as much as GHS 220 and NsromaMedia.Com followed up after seeing the girl they are using to run their ads. The skin tone of the girl they are using to run their ads says it all. Is this what they are promising? 13516451_877480665689267_1795337931519201989_n

We are your last bus stop no matter how hard your skin is to tone,,,,This cream really works in 5days wooow what a magic its clear pimples , sunburn and darkspot and it affordable call 0542232155 or whatsapp we deliver arround Accra and Ghana

When NsromaMedia.Com contacted the Food & Drugs Board, we were told that that it is not in their jurisdiction neither is it in their system.

Apparently this girl, Maryann Okadja has been using the product and she claims it works. Have a look at her skin tone, legs and armpit. Does it work?

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bleaching girl

She swears it clears off stretch marks but a closer look at one of her pictures says something different. Look closely at her thighs. Both the sellers and Maryann Okadja here assured the potential buyers that it is not bleaching but rather it is toning. With this end results, we will very much need further education from them as to the difference between toning and bleaching.

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bleaching girl

When a  girl said she used their product and it did not work, her comments vanished within a minute. We suspect that  Dream Cosmetic deleted her comments. It is disheartening how people raise as much as GHS 220 to buy a product in an attempt to change the color of their skin. Even more disheartening when the producers and retailers of these products know very the damage these products are causing to the users’ self esteem, health and state of mind.

We are not against the product but what the product is putting out as  expected result after using the product leaves much to worry about.

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