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A former member of gospel music group Shepherds, Charles Nelson, popularly known as Chief Charles has observed that hiplife grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone exhibits gross pettiness any time the issue of who the originator of hiplife pops up.

Chief Charles who is a regular panel member of Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz believes so many people contributed to the revolution in Ghana’s music and should be duly credited instead of Reggie Rockstone claiming to be the originator.

His comment comes on the back of an interview Ded Buddy, a former member of NFL, a music group formed in 1990 granted on Tuesday’s edition of the show where Buddy, now Cweci said people started the hiplife movement before Reggie Rockstone came to the scene.

According to him, Reggie Rockstone cannot be referred to as the originator of hiplife.

He, however, commended Reggie Rockstone for ‘doing a lot of work to push hiplife to the next level’.

Buddy’s statement that some people started the movement earlier did seem not to have gone down well with Reggie Rockstone as he tweeted that it was a sign of pettiness.

But Ded Buddy insisted he never discredited Reggie Rockstone.

“First of all, I big you up for the work you’ve done so don’t be sending a tweet saying all these. It’s not necessary. You are bigger than that,” he said.

Reacting to the tweet, Chief Charles found Reggie’s posture as rather petty. According to him, Reggie Rockstone has on all occasions refused to credit people who contributed to the revolution.

“All this issue about pettiness, I think Reggie is rather the one being petty. Nobody is discrediting you. Nobody is saying you didn’t put icing on the cake. People started preparing the cake. And every time I have heard him [Reggie] try to tell the hiplife story, I think he’s been petty. There are other people who started it and it will do him a lot of good, show his own maturity if he credits these people. You’re not the originator,” he noted.

Contributing to the discussion, ace radio presenter and disc jockey, Andy Dosty mentioned that Mahoney P had albums long before Reggie Rockstone came.

It appears the age-long debate over who the creator/originator of hiplife is will not end any time soon. Well, it’s much ado about nothing.

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