Prostitutes Bath a Customer With Urine Stored for 3 days in Kumasi

This is the brothel in Adum, Kumasi

If you know about prostitutes in Kumasi and their ways of handling clients who act up, this will probably not be news to you.  In Tafo, a suburb of Kumasi, a fight  between a prostitute and a customer did not end so well for the customer as he was bathed with urine stored for three days. They usually store urine in calabash for this purpose and also have guards around.

According to media reports, the man decided to engage the services of a prostitute at an agreed fee, however, a fight ensued between the man and his chosen sex partner after the latter demanded an additional GH¢5.00 after the former had paid the agreed price of GH¢10.00.

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The man reportedly pleaded with the the prostitute to allow him execute his mission or return his money and that he didn’t know that there has been an increase in the price. The sex-worker however denied, arguing that the man had seen her nakedness, which was not for free.

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An eyewitness Isaac Akwasi Sarfo explained that the prostitutes, who were angered by the man’s demands, poured a bucket of urine on him.

As usual of men who desire to have sex in the nights, this young man who has no girlfriend wanted to satisfy his libido visited one of the hideouts of prostitutes in Tafo, he paid the usual price of GH¢10.00 to the prostitute at the gate, but upon entering the room, the prostitute demanded additional GH¢5.00 from the young man who was oblivious that the prostitutes have increased the price from GH¢10.00 to GH¢ 15.00. He told her that he didn’t know and that they should start business but the prostitute said without the GH¢ 5.00 she will not allow him have sex with her,

The man, whose eyes reportedly turned reddish yellow after his urine bath, was subsequently beaten up by the guards of the prostitutes.

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