MzVee’s team respond to Kaakie’s diss?

Entertainment of Tuesday, 16 August 2016



MzVee Kaakie Response BeefKaakie, MzVee

Richie Mensah, boss of Lynx Entertainment has broken silence on the ongoing feud between Dancehall act, Kaakie and his brand, MzVee.

Speaking in a radio interview, Richie disclosed that if it was Rihanna dissing MzVee, they will respond at once.

“I’ve heard and read in the news that certain artistes go to certain interviews and mention MzVee’s name.” He told Hitz. “I will say thank you because they keep publicizing my artiste, which is really cool. Maybe we should have them on our PR team.

Honestly, the things that we plan on doing in this industry, the kind of fans that we have, we can’t waste time beefing any artiste unless that artiste is so big that beefing the person is going to boost MzVee’s image.

Right now if we hear Rihanna wants to beef Mzvee, that one the beef songs she will drop. I can’t imagine wasting time instead of shooting good videos and dropping good songs.

I can’t imagine wasting time mentioning other artiste’s name and concentrating on their career, its a waste of time.

We are professionals and business minded people” Richie said.

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